Étiquette : Active Mobility

Healthy Employee Mobile and Active

Take part to the 1st European survey on Physical Activity and Active Mobility at the Workplace

Take part to our survey to draw an overview of sports and physical exercise practice and mobile activity development at the workplace. European-wide, this survey targets all the companies and employees that feel concerned by the topic. As physical inactivity is more than a health issue nowadays, give your contribution to assess the situation and find solutions.

Improving vitality and health at the workplace throughout Europe

Healthy is the new cool. So dust off your running shoes or bike and and start exercising and be part of the first pan-European Vital Companies Challenge! Find also more information in our eleaflet! VitalCompaniesChallenge_e-Leafltet Companies need to challenge more and more health problems that occur among their employees. The increasing healthcare cost and aggravating…
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