Improving vitality and health at the workplace throughout Europe

Healthy is the new cool. So dust off your running shoes or bike and and start exercising and be part of the first pan-European Vital Companies Challenge!


Find also more information in our eleaflet! VitalCompaniesChallenge_e-Leafltet

Companies need to challenge more and more health problems that occur among their employees. The increasing healthcare cost and aggravating disease burden are severe challenges to a more sedentary society. The Vital Companies Challenge aims at empowering employees to pursue a more vital lifestyle trough personal insights, learnings and fun. The challenge offers an opportunity for employees of all ages, everywhere, for every activity level.

​Being active and healthy becomes a new trend, and this is a success for society’s collective wellbeing. There is an increased motivation for people to invest in themselves, leading to a better awareness of the impact of healthy choices for a more energized life. 

In the framework of the European Week of Sport 2020, HEMA project launches its new platform that reinvents the initiative to promote Physical Activity and Active Mobility in the workplace. The vitality platform helps to gain insight into personal health and vitality domains and shows cross-correlated views of measurements on various fields. 

So be ready and download the App to take part to this challenge

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