The first steering committee of the HEMA project took place in Paris on January, 14th with all partners. 

“Healthy Employee, Mobile and Active” (HEMA) is a 3 years program intended to tackle the high level of physical inactivity in Europe. HEMA is supported and co-funded by the European Commission in the field of Erasmus + program and European Week of Sport. The workplace is identified as a key area to leverage these following figures.

  • 210 million Europeans are physically inactive, which costs the EU28 €80 billion per year and roughly 80% of local decision-makers are unaware of the figures and the situation in general – PASS Project, 2017
  • 13% of the physical active European citizens do it at work  – Eurobarometer, 2017



The innovation methodology of HEMA is to associate physical activity to mobility schemes within the company. Several activities will be implemented in order to leverage levels of PA and mobility at work:

  • A state of play and diagnostic regarding the levels of PA and mobility at work in Europe
  • A survey targeted to employers and employees to identify major levers and brakes
  • A pilot test implemented during three months in three countries Belgium, France and Latvia
  • A digital connected challenge for employees to measure their number of steps by walking, cycling or running
  • A conference in Brussels to discuss how to combine PA and mobility schemes



The concept of HEMA is to associate moments of practicing and grassroots sport to specific discussions and studies around ways of implementation of PA and mobility in EU workplaces.

The dissemination of the project will be ensured by several publications and intellectual outputs such as handbook, guidelines, infographics, digital toolkits, pedagogical notes… Impact will be also strengthened through an engaged and various network gathering companies’ decision makers, chambers of commerce, employers and employees trade unions, human resources associations, health organisations and insurances, public executives, media, other sport federations…

One major aspect of HEMA legacy will concern the development and transfer of specific and adapted programs to EU workplaces to help them implementing concrete sport and mobility activities at work.


HEMA coordinator is European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS). Partners associated will be European Cyclist Federation, Chamber of Commerce of Korinth in Greece, European Platform for Sport and Innovation, University of Coimbra in Portugal, Estonian association Kalev, Finish Club of Tampereen, Daugavpils municipality in Latvia, Sport Vlaanderen, Club des Villes et Territoires Cyclables in France.

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